Raul at it again…


We received a few emails regarding his off-duty actions when you on-sited a serious crash in Haverhill.

A patient was hit while taking a picture of their car which was just rear-ended in a motor vehicle crash. Patient was hit and pinned against his own car by a pick-up truck.

Raul was off-duty and recognized the scene was a major trauma and called dispatch to give updates and requested MedFlight. When the crew arrived Raul had all the patient’s demos, cared for the patient and gave report to the crew. They were able to load the patient quickly and get them to the landing zone. The patient was MedFlight(ed) out and unfortunately lost their leg.

Without Raul’s quick action and assessments things could have gone worse for the patient. A fellow employee said, “Raul is definitely one of our best providers hands-down and certainly deserves a little praise for his efforts!”👏🏼

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