Lowell Sun Santa Donation

A group of Pridestar Trinity employees gathered together to help celebrate the Lowell Sun Santa Fund though the Lowell Sun Charities. It is our corporate responsibilities to give back to the communities we serve.

Lowell Sun Charities was established in 1947 with the goal of supporting charitable causes in the Greater Lowell area. In 1988, the charity found that many local families were finding difficulty in affording Christmas presents for their children or putting a proper holiday meal on the kitchen table. It was from there that The Sun Santa Fund began to make its mark for local families, which it has continued to do in the 35 years since with more than $2 million being raised to help those in need.

“Sun Santa provides some good relief and a sense of stability for the dinner table, and under the Christmas tree during the holidays,” said Lowell Sun Charities President Kevin Coughlin.

Sun Santa provides assistance to families across Lowell and 22 other surrounding communities served by The Sun. Applications for assistance are processed by our agency partners, The Salvation Army and Community Teamwork. Families receive toy and food vouchers based on their financial need and family size. Toy vouchers are redeemable at Rogers Toy in Downtown Lowell and Walmart in Tewksbury. Food vouchers are accepted at all Market Basket stores. Through the generosity of the local community, Sun Santa raises the funds to directly support this voucher system.

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