A Once in a Lifetime Call – Double ROSC

📣A once in a (EMS) career call⤵️
👏🏻Tremendous work and team effort by P84 (Ashleigh and Tim) , P50 (Tony and Sean) and S4 (Bobby) with help from Haverhill Fire Department Engine 2 and Rescue 1 as well as multiple Haverhill Police officers.
▶️P84, Ashleigh and Tim, with S4, Bobby, responded to an address for an unresponsive patient/CPR in progress. After assessing the patient, administering CPR & meds as well as multiple shocks the crew achieved ROSC in the field. We loaded the patient into the ambulance for transport to the Holy Family Hospital Cath Lab.
▶️While loading the patient into the ambulance, the patient’s sibling then screamed out that the patient’s spouse was having a medical issue. Bobby requested a 2nd ambulance and found the patient unresponsive in a recliner. The patient stopped breathing and went into VFib. After administering CPR , meds & multiple shocks they ALSO achieved ROSC and transported to the Cath Lab at Lawrence General. This patient was talking to the crew as they were loading into the ambulance.
▶️A truly herculean effort by everyone involved. We couldn’t be prouder of you and how you helped a family whose lives were turned upside down in an instant.
Congratulations everyone!

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