Total Team Effort

We wanted to congratulate BLS Crew Kelly and Rob for working their first cardiac arrest as well as thank both crews (ALS & BLS) for an amazing outcome.
Amazing work by BLS crew, Kelly and Rob, who worked their first cardiac arrest with Chelmsford Fire & Police providing CPR and 2 shocks before ALS arrived. Our ALS crew, Steve and Joe, arrived on scene and found patient still in V-Fib. Individual needed multiple shocks and the crew identified the patient was having a STEMI. P1 requested for RSI. Individual is back to their baseline and doing very well! This patient is able to enjoy beautiful Fall days and his family and friends all thanks to your incredible efforts in the field!
Thank you, Kelly, Rob, Joe and Steve, as well as the members of Chelmsford Fire & Police and Lowell General Paramedics (P1).
Strong Work!!

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