ROSC in the Field

Great job Brian Sculley, Ty Grzyb and Supervisor Tim Abbott!!
A total team effort on an individual in their late 30’s who collapsed in North Andover. At that time there were no N. Andover ambulances available, however there was a nurse who witnessed and started CPR on the sidewalk. N. Andover PD and Fire were on scene with our crew. Methuen Fire ambulance showed up as well. The individual was hooked up to an AED and shocked multiple times (5). The team was able to get ROSC in the field and transported in the back of Methuen Fire ambulance with 2 of our crew and a Methuen EMT.
We got 12 leads on administered O2 and bi-lateral IVs for the individual, who was awake and talking throughout the transport.
Amazing outcome with a tremendous team effort by all involved.
Great job Tim, Brian and Ty!!

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