Patient Gets a “Lift”

We received a call from Lowell General Hospital for a transport of a young patient home. We transported the patient and family home with no issues however once we got to the home, getting the patient into the unit was a challenge. We had another one of our ambulances meet us at the address for a lift assist up 3 flights of stairs to the 3rd floor. The lift did not work due to the extreme nature of the young patients injuries and how they were in a cast. We then called Chelmsford Fire Department ladder truck which we found out was OOS. We then reached out to Westford Fire Department for a ladder truck and heavy equipment.

We placed the patient in a stokes stretcher with padding and secured the patient to the tower bucket. The FD then raised the patient to the third floor patio to get the patient into the home through the slider.

Our team then decided that the patient had been through a lot and came back with a special gift for the patient – a Nintendo Switch.

Amazing teamwork by everyone involved.


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