Lowell Rescue for Bridge Jumper

“We got a call regarding a possible jumper off the Church Street Bridge,” PrideStar Senior Vice President Marketing and Public Relations Christopher Dick
said by phone on Tuesday. “We responded to that call and were able to assist with the fire department and help the patient out and get them to the hospital.”
The bridge is over the Concord River and located just north of Lowell’s Central business district.
“We’ve been doing 911 work in the city of Lowell for over 30 years,” Dick said. “We know where the hot spots are and where to put resources. But the biggest thing is our teamwork and our relationship with Lowell Fire Department and Lowell Police Department, as well as the paramedic units out of Lowell General Hospital. We’re all working together for one positive outcome for our patients.”
Please read the full article in the @thelowellsun website, & find the link in our stories today!

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