Lana Excels in the Field!

Working in this industry is very difficult. Many times you work so hard for your patient before and during the transport to the hospital. At that point you transition your care to the nurse or doctor and you never hear from the patient again….until today.

What an amazing email (below) we received from a very thankful patient. Also, it great Lana fashion, she wanted to recognize Pam Sergi who was also with her on this call!

“The purpose of this email to let you know about an outstanding member of your team.

On Sunday evening, I had a medical issue and needed to be transported to a hospital by ambulance.  Among the first responders was Lana, and I am very grateful that she was there.  From the instant she walked through my front door, it was her mission to assure me, and make me feel comfortable during a very stressful moment.  It was not what she said, but rather how she said things.  It was much more than just her professionalism.  It was the way she spoke to me, connected with me and my wife, and showed her respect for us, in our situation.

Lana also was in the ambulance with me for the ride to Holy Family Hospital, and went to work immediately to assure my comfort.  It was a cold night in New Hampshire, and her first order of business was to get the heat going in the back of the ambulance.  Along the way she was very good about answering my questions and telling me what to expect, and I cannot express in words how much I appreciate her being at my side at that time.

Like most businesses, I would imagine that all first responder organizations are understaffed and overworked these days.  This would mean that team members would be appreciated for just showing up on time, and doing their jobs.  My mission in writing this email is to recognize an outstanding individual, and let her upper echelon know that she is one of the most respectful, caring, competent, professional and dedicated people I have ever encountered.”

Thank you for everything you do,

Dave L.

Atkinson, NH

A Premier Medical
Transportation Company