Paramedic Recognized at Haverhill City Council

Congratulations to Samantha who was recognized Tuesday night (along with the members of the Haverhill Fire Department and Haverhill Police Department ) at the Haverhill City Council meeting for her/their quick actions and heroic efforts in saving a victim from the claws of a fast moving Merrimack River.

On October 17th at approximately 10pm, First Responder crews responded to a motor vehicle crash into the Merrimack River near the Crescent Yacht Club. Upon arrival the vehicle was fully in the water and was sinking fast. According to the Harbor Master, the current was very strong that night due to recent rain fall.

The victim was in the driver’s seat and was still in his seat belt. He was essentially trapped in the vehicle. The officers on scene responded quickly and tried to reach the victim. One officer attempted to wade into the river but the vehicle was already too far out and her attempt was ill fated.

Haverhill Fire, Police and Pridestar Trinity EMS arrived on scene and were actively trying to rescue the victim. At this point Haverhill Fire Rescue team, who were on the fire boat, reached the victim. The firefighters quickly smashed the back window of the vehicle and extricated the victim from the front seat while the vehicle was quickly drifting and sinking. The victim was then transported to the shore, received medical treatment and then transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

Haverhill Police, Fire and Pridestar Trinity Paramedics worked as a team and saved this person’s life!

This is all in a days work for these men and women, however it is nice to shine some light on a positive event with a great outcome. Great job everyone!!

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